Heroico AKA Rio


  • Gelding
  • Lusitano
  • Available for Adoption
  • 5 years old
  • Rose Gray
  • Donation $1500
  • Suitable Discipline Open
  • Rio is a 5 year old that is 15.1hh( at last measurement) Lusitano who was born at CNEER. He is great at obstacles, playful and green under saddle. Limited trail experience but was excellent when we went out. Needs experienced handler and preferably someone with knowledge of the Lusitano breed. He is very curious and isn’t fazed by much!


See more pictures of Rio here!



  • Gelding
  • Miniature Horse
  • Under Evaluation
  • Undetermined
  • Dark Brown
  • Unknown at this time
  • Willie is a miniature horse. Very cute. He was pulled from the slaughter pipeline and has had a long recuperation period. Once he was given a clean bill of health, he underwent the surgery to  have one of his eyes removed due to malnutrition and neglect. Willie will be available for adoption after her has completely recovered from his surgery and can be evaluated.


Little Ping


  • Mare
  • Hackney Cross
  • Available
  • Nine Years Old
  • Black
  • Donation $600
  • Ping is a nine year old, black, Hackney cross pony. She is full of spirit and life. She was headed for slaughter when we took her in. She is timid but getting more and more trusting every day. Volunteer Roxann and Christie  help with her gentle handling whenever possible.  Thank you to Erin for helping to save her with her generous donation.



  • Mare
  • Thoroughbred
  • Available for adoption
  • 17 y/o
  • Bay
  • Donation
  • She is a good girl. She came to us from a very abusive situation. She had an infected open chest wound and was very timid. Zingra is green under saddle. She recently had one month’s training with Peter Whitmore and did very well.

Belle Star

  • Mare
  • Thoroughbred
  • Available for Adoption
  • 2011
  • Black with Star
  • Donation $850
  • Suitable Discipline Open
  • Newly arrived to the rescue and in the process of retraining after her brief career as a racehorse with 9 starts, Belle Star can go in any direction. A sweet mare who is willing and eager to learn. 15.2hh




  • Gelding
  • Quarter Horse
  • Available for adoption or foster
  • DOB 1990
  • Bay
  • Donation $300
  • Suitable Discipline Companion horse only
  • Description Doc is a 25 plus year old Quarter Horse gelding. Doc is not rideable due to his age and his sway back, however, he would make a good companion for other horses. He has developed impeccable ground manners since being here at the Rescue and would be an awesome friend to his special person.



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