Adoption is a lifetime commitment.

After rehabilitation, each horse who comes to CNEER will be offered for adoption to loving, responsible homes. Our goal throughout the adoption process is to ensure each new owner is prepared to fulfill this lifetime commitment. We do this by making a good match between horse and owner. You could say we are the matchmakers of the equine world!


The Process
  • Preview our horses on the Adoptions page.
  • Then contact CNEER  to schedule a visit to see our available horses.
  • Finally you will fill out our adoption paperwork
  • Once the paperwork is completed we will perform a reference check and an onsite visit to your horses new home.
Important Things to Know
  • You must visit the horse you are interested in adopting at least three times BEFORE adopting.
  • After adoption, there will be occasional home visits by CNEER.
  • Check out our FAQ’s for helpful information about matters to consider regarding horse adoption.


If you have any further questions or are ready to start the process please download our application or visit our contact page. We can also be reached by e-mail or by phone at either: (978)621-6717 or (413)265-3270.