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Barre Show Series Show #3

Hosted by CNEER  Felton Field, Barre  9:00 AM

On July 23rd Wilse Way Horsemanship will present a clinic at Cardinal Ridge Equestrian Center located in Barre, MA

Wilsie Way Horsemanship is based out of Southern Vermont and aspires to help bridge the gap of communication and understanding between horses and humans.

Horses are not dogs. This may seem like a trite fact, but how many of us are drawn to the horses who act like dogs in some way, even if that particular horse is not the best ride?

​The truth is we understand dogs more easily because we live with them. Horses do not sleep on the foot of the bed with us, and so we miss out on a great deal of simply, “hanging out” with them like we may do with Spot in the living room.


CNEER is proud to host a clinic with Peter Whitmore, this is the second year and is being held at the newly opened Cardinal Ridge Equestrian Center in Barre, MA.  The goal of the clinic to to help you create a trusting relationship with your horse. This will allow you to deal with unexpected obstacles with minimal stress. The clinic is scheduled for April 29th, 2017 rain or shine!

About Peter

Peter Whitmore was born and raised in Orange, Massachusetts. Under his mother’s instruction he started riding and showing horses at a young age. Today Peter still lives in Orange with his wife Jessica, daughter Thea, and son Isiah. Peter continues to train at the family farm using the round pen, indoor and outdoor arenas. Training all breeds, ages and disciplines. Whether he is in the saddle or in a cart, Peter rarely goes a day without working a few horses!  Peter enjoys competing locally and nationally on the Crimson Acres Glory Riders Drill Team and in the Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Races, and the Extreme Mustang Makeover. In his “spare time” Peter also works as a special education teacher, is President of Dare to Dream Educational Farm Program and is an active board member of the New England Equestrian Center of Athol (NEECA).

2017 Versatility Clinic Flyer