Foster care for a horse in need allows us to rescue horses who we are otherwise unable to help because of stabling constraints. Once approved as a CNEER foster stable, we hold your application to foster on record. When we learn of a horse in peril, we contact you to ask if you are available to help house and care for a new horse in the rescue. Foster homes help by caring for a rescued horse on a daily basis until such time as it is adopted.

The brief outline below can help you to decide if you can provide for a horse in peril.

The horse that you will foster will be checked by a veterinarian and brought up-to-date on all shots.

  • You would be considered for foster care only after the facility where the rescued horse would be stabled is inspected.
  • You would be expected to provide feed for the horse a minimum of twice daily, ample hay, free access to water at all times and exercise, as prescribed.
  • We would provide feed and hay as agreed upon in the foster contract.
  • Your new friend would be kept up-to-date with farrier visits and a worming program.
  • A horse that is designated as “for companionship only” cannot be ridden at any time.

If you feel that you would like to provide all of the above for a horse in need, we would love to hear from you and welcome you to contact us!