Sponsoring a CNEER horse is a fulfilling way to make a personal difference in the life of one or more of our horses. Your monthly donation will contribute toward the basic needs of hay, grain, stall bedding, health supplements and hoof maintenance/farrier and veterinary visits, offering you the opportunity to watch your sponsored horse flourish. Monthly sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity to honor a loved one, or the memory of a beloved pet, or as a family or group effort from work, school, or church. You will receive updates and photos keeping you involved in the progress of your designated horse, and can schedule visits to the farm to see firsthand the good your contribution is doing.

There are two options for CNEER sponsorship.

  • Partial sponsorship – With a recurring donation of $50/month
  • Full sponsorship- With a recurring donation of $200/month

Your sponsorship can be designated to a specific horse of your choosing and will contribute directly to the care of that horse. You may also choose to become a general sponsor, where your donation will contribute to the care of CNEER horses as a whole.

Sponsor A Horse Online, Automatically

The easiest way to sponsor a horse is to set up an automatically recurring, monthly sponsorship via PayPal. This secure method makes sure that your generosity can be counted on, regularly.

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SPONSOR A HORSE Via A Monthly Check

To sponsor a horse and pay by check, download our sponsorship form and mail your donation check each month.