Meet Logan the Lover!

The CNEER Cupid
by Mary Stone

“He is in stall four, ma’am, on the left past Badonk there, he’s the one braying at you.”The Cupid is up at the CNEER barn this morning, all excited to be introducing Logan, one photogenic, black bay. He’s just a teenager, but hardly typical. At 15.3hh, this boy is steady Eddy, the kind you’d want your daughter to bring home instead of the “fast” crowd she hangs with. He even wears white socks for Pete’s sake, and in Cupid’s day, that made you a nerd. But, that lightning blaze on his head? it’s like he was touched by an angel. – or maybe or the thunder god.He’s a Premarin QH cross and very well mannered; not like Eddy Haskellbut the genuine kind of polite. No cartwheels when cross-tied or unload- ing him, no goosing the farrier and no cranky attitude toward the vet. Someone probably, his special friend, volunteer Allie, taught him well. She loves grooming him, takes sel es with him and teaches him how to dance. e vet says he has navicular, but , if you don’t ride him hard he’s not bothered by it at all. Still, he likes to sport front shoes for stepping out for a w/t trail ride. Make a date soon.

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