Meet Rusty, A Gentleman

The CNEER Cupid
by Mary Stone

“I’m a tall gentleman, 16.2hh, Appendix Quarter Horse in my 20’s. Don’t let the years fool you; I’ve got all my teeth and a beautiful chest- nut coat. I’m healthy as a– well, as a horse! Life is great here at CNEER with my mates but it sure would be nice to have that special someone for my very own. I’m up for just about anything: walks in the park, a sunset trot along the beach, perhaps a canter on the trail.

I must admit, I do love a good roll in the mud, but you don’t have to join in! It’s my only vice. My fence-jumping days are behind me and I’m ready to settle down and enjoy retirement, maybe as a beginner’s calm ride. Summer is on the way; let’s ride some happy trails together, forever!

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