The following horses are considered “sanctuary horses” due to health concerns and/or age and will live out their days with us. Although they are not adoptable, we invite you to donate to their care by becoming one of our “Sanctuary Sponsors”.


A  10.3hh mini mare who was born into the rescue in 2005. A companion to Sega, she acts as his eyes while out in the field and gives him the confidence he needs to live a happy life.

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Sega is a beautiful 13 year old Grey Andalusian gelding who was saved from neglect. He is completely blind and a sanctuary horse for his comfort and safety. A complete sweetheart, Sega thrives on TLC along with his companion mini, Pearl.

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Badonk is a boy who was adopted twice. We have decided he will be staying here on the farm forever. He is a character and the reasons for his return were not his fault. The last move was due to an unforseen family situation. Badonk came back feeling very forlorn and ready to shut down. He is back to his old self and having a good time with his friends in the paddock and running and playing again. Another move would not be the right thing for him so here he stays. We don’t mind either, he is fun and keeps the place hopping ..or should we say braying!

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