Meet The Spice Girls!

The CNEER Cupid
by Vicky Berry

The Spice Girls

Juliette is approximately 15 y.o. and is a jet black Hackney cross pony. She is delightful in every way. She is for an experienced child or adult, not for beginners.

Karla saw Juliette in a field when she went to purchase round pen panels. She was the only one tied in the middle of that eld where other horses were loose; one being a little stallion. That is probably the reason that Juliette does not get along well with others; she had to defend herself. She was di cult to catch and that was the logic that was given to Karla for tying her up in the eld. We took her in and had fun trying to catch her when she first came. She taught us a lot of neat maneuvers that we didn’t know a pony could do so well. She now comes when called and puts her nose into the halter. She expects good things to happen and they do…like supper! She would make someone kind and caring a beautiful friend.

Ping (named due to an auto correct error when texting) is a black pony. Together with Juliette they are known as the Spice Girls here at the Rescue. Beautiful Ping gets along with Juliette, which says a lot for Ping’s tolerance level. She is a dainty girl with Bambi eyes. She is refined looking with her tiny hooves. Ping came into the rescue with some baggage, which we are unpacking a little at a time. She would have been sent to slaughter had we not intervened. She is not for a beginner. She will make someone a great companion and friend. Both little girls have their special volunteers that dote on them: Christie and Roxann.

Come up and visit our very own Spice Girls for yourselves. We’re sure you’ll be as charmed as we are by them.

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