Wilsie Way Horsemanship Clinic July 23rd 2017 At Cardinal Ridge Equestrian Center

On July 23rd Wilse Way Horsemanship will present a clinic at Cardinal Ridge Equestrian Center located in Barre, MA

Wilsie Way Horsemanship is based out of Southern Vermont and aspires to help bridge the gap of communication and understanding between horses and humans.

Horses are not dogs. This may seem like a trite fact, but how many of us are drawn to the horses who act like dogs in some way, even if that particular horse is not the best ride?

​The truth is we understand dogs more easily because we live with them. Horses do not sleep on the foot of the bed with us, and so we miss out on a great deal of simply, “hanging out” with them like we may do with Spot in the living room.


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